Members of the Energy Community Negotiation Network

The members of the Energy Community Negotiation Network actively take part in the Energy Community Treaty implementation process. Having senior official positions at their ministries, they support the work of the DRN Centre and often act as the country's Permanent High Level Group representative to the Energy Community. 

Ms.  Entela Cipa

Secretary General of Ministry of Culture of Albania

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Mr.  Goran Čogelja  

Team leader Engility International Resources Group - USA

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Mr. Luan Morina

Head of Department for Energy of Kosovo* Ministry of Economic Development

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Ms. Mihaela Kitova

Legal advisor Ministry of Energy, Sofia, Bulgaria (Energy strategies and policies for sustainable energy Directirate)

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Ms. Branka Knezevic

Head of Department for Primary Energy and Policy at Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Ms. Marcelë Restelica Ponosheci


Head of Division for Legal Supervision of Implementation, Ministry of Economic Development

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