updated: 11 Jul 2014
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23 Jul 2014 An Energy Community tailored Energy Efficiency Directive to bring significant benefits, study concludes

The Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU) can accelerate energy efficiency implementation bringing significant benefits to the Energy Community Members. However, the specific conditions in each Energy Community Contracting Party and the differences from EU conditions in terms of current levels of public budget available for retrofitting public buildings, energy consumption per capita, infrastructure, energy services markets, policies and institutional capacity need to be taken into account. This is the overriding message of a study commissioned by the Secretariat published today.

18 Jul 2014 Secretariat initiates dispute settlement procedure against Kosovo* for levying customs duties on petroleum product imports

Today the Energy Community Secretariat sent an Opening Letter to Kosovo* in accordance with Article 12 of the Rules of Procedure for Dispute Settlement. In the Opening Letter, the Secretariat takes the preliminary view that Kosovo* failed to fulfill its obligations under the Energy Community Treaty by levying customs duties on imports of certain petroleum products from EU Member States to Kosovo*.

08 Jul 2014 Market and System Operators of the Energy Community discuss barriers to establishing a competitive electricity market

The second official meeting of Market Operators of the Energy Community brought together experts from the Contracting Parties to exchange their practices on imbalance settlement on 3-4 July in Skopje. The first meeting of this informal group, supported by the Secretariat, was held on 7 May 2014 in Vienna.

07 Jul 2014 A revamped Energy Community necessitates a Parliamentary Assembly, concludes Parliamentary seminar

The Second Meeting of Parliamentarians from the Contracting Parties – Friends of the Energy Community on 3 July focused on the imminent deadlines to transpose the Third Energy Package into national law and proposals of the High Level Reflection Group to improve the functioning of the Energy Community. Individual country workshops provided an opportunity to focus on key national issues with the Secretariat’s experts.

03 Jul 2014 Secretariat’s efforts to coordinate post-flood assistance bear results

Following the disastrous floods and landslides in the Balkans which left hundreds of thousands of people homeless, destroyed whole towns and distribution systems supplying electricity to key public services and households, the Energy Community Secretariat in cooperation with EURELECTRIC coordinated efforts to supply aid in equipment and material to network operators in the affected regions. The Secretariat led consultations with representatives of the respective DSOs regarding technical compatibility and worked to ensure the most cost-effective solution.