updated: 22 Oct 2014

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20 Oct 2014 Secretariat delivers Third Energy Package-compliant draft gas law to Bosnia and Herzegovina

As called for by the Ministerial Council, the Energy Community Secretariat submitted today a Third Energy Package-compliant draft gas law to the relevant authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina. "If adopted, the law would bring Bosnia and Herzegovina’s legal framework in the gas sector in compliance with the Third Energy Package and thus bring to an end the existing dispute settlement case," explained Director Kopač. "The lack of an appropriate legal framework constitutes a very serious obstacle to the development of the gas sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina and harms energy consumers. This draft law could be immediately taken by the country’s Minister and the national discussion on the adoption of proper legislation could proceed. The Secretariat is ready to assist Bosnia and Herzegovina in this endeavor. The only possible solution to be compliant with the Third Energy Package for Bosnia and Herzegovina is to have one state energy regulator and this institution can be given competences only by a law. Because some politicians are insisting on the non-existence of a state level institution, the Secretariat sent this draft law only after the recent elections in order not to fuel populist discussions in the run-up up to election day. "

16 Oct 2014 European Commission publishes gas stress test results for the Energy Community

Today the European Commission published its report analysing the resilience of the European gas system to a potential crisis in the coming months. The Energy Community Contracting Parties fully participated in this exercise. A separate analysis was also published focusing on the findings in the Energy Community, which was prepared in cooperation with the Energy Community Secretariat.

15 Oct 2014 Environmental Task Force discusses emissions trading and large combustion plants

At the 8th Environmental Task Force meeting on 15 October, members of the Task Force, together with civil society and industry representatives, discussed the list of environmental acquis proposed by the report of the High Level Reflection Group “An Energy Community for the Future”. Given the specific complexity of the EU’s Emissions Trading Directive (2003/87/EC), which is one of the proposals, a specific session was dedicated to it at the meeting.

13 Oct 2014 Tender launched for technical assistance project in the area of energy statistics

Today the Secretariat launched a tender for the provision of technical assistance related to conducting energy consumption surveys in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Montenegro. The provision of technical assistance is part of the Secretariat’s activities to support the Contracting Parties in their implementation of Regulation (EC) 1999/2008 and Directive 2008/92/EC, thus reaching full compliance with the Treaty acquis on energy statistics.

10 Oct 2014 Statement of Director Kopač on delay of market opening in Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

"The decision of the government of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to submit to the Parliament a new draft Energy Law which would postpone the full liberalisation of the electricity market until 2020 is a very clear breach of the Energy Community Treaty, which stipulates that the market should be open as of 1 January 2015. Liberalising the market means that all consumers should be eligible to choose their supplier, including also households and small businesses. Eligibility is a fundamental right. Now the granting of this right, following the draft law, will be delayed and consumers will be stuck with the incumbent utility EVN, which has a monopoly. This monopoly will be allowed to continue because of the support of the Government, which is not looking out for the best interests of the electricity consumers".