updated: 25 Oct 2014


The Treaty establishing Energy Communty paves way to a set of common institutions and a legal framework within which these institutions operate. It also defines the rights and obligations of the Parties to the Treaty. In the following, the legal framework established by and under the Treaty will be described.


Energy Community Legal Framework

For the sake of best possible overview, the Secretariat compiles the prevailing Energy Community legal framework under one cover. The publication consists of three parts. Whilst the Part I replicates the Treaty establishing the Energy Community, the Part II lists the complete Energy Community acquis communautaire in force. The Part III displays a selection of the Energy Community secondary legislation.

The publication has been compiled for reference purposes only and is not authentic. The present Third Edition was published Aug 2013. The parts on electricity and gas legislation now consolidate the amendments resulting from the adoption of the Third Package and the respective Ministerial Council decision adapting it. The text of the new Renewable Energy Directive also incorporates the adaptations made by the Ministerial Council decision.



The section begins with the reproduction of the Treaty and its four Annexes.  The page on Energy Community acquis, in return, lists the legal acts to be implemented by the Parties to the Treaty. The section also displays decisions and procedural acts enacted by the Energy Community institutional organs.