updated: 20 Oct 2014


This section focuses on the individual entities of the institutional setting, in which the Energy Community is embedded. The Treaty establishing the Energy Community reconfirmed the final structures of the institutions in 2005.

Pursuant to the Treaty, the internal decision making mechanism lays on the Ministerial Council and the Permanent High Level Group. The Treaty moreover stresses the need to have accompanying platforms enabling discussions and exchange of information. The Energy Community has, subsequently, a Forum on Electricity, Gas, Oil and Social issues. Additionally to the institutions set up by the Treaty, the Ministerial Council established Energy Efficiency (2007) and Renewable Energy (2009) Task Forces. The ministers gave mandate for Environment and for Energy Strategy Task Force in 2010 and 2011, respectively. The Secretariat is the only permanent institution within the Energy Community institutional setting. 




The subpages below display the institutional setting of the Energy Community, starting with its  executive organ, the Ministerial Council. The subsequent pages describe the tasks and composition of each institution.